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The Ugly Truth About Buying Email Lists

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of web promotion. It is still one of the most effective. E-mail campaigns get an impressive 30% success rate- just behind SEO (32%) and Content Marketing (30%). Who put more effort into their marketing, the email can be up to 55% effective.

If you have not invested in email marketing, then it's time to start! This important channel could seriously impact your growth or your website. However, this is not an invitation to go online and buy the cheapest e-mail list you can find.

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The buying of e-mail lists is now a common means. We'll show you the ugly truth about buying email lists. How it can do a lot of damage to your business.

Data is not nearly as accurate as promised

E-mail list providers promise a treasure of data. Often they keep their promise. But the quality of this data is often full of errors. The information is completely useless. Even addresses those are no longer active, like to appear in the lists. This means: If you write to such addresses, you will be branded as spammers.

The addressees do not want to know anything about you

As a rule, emails from unknown senders and promotional emails immediately impression as spam. With continuous penetrating inbox, you can be described as annoying in the best case. In the worst case- penetration damages your reputation.

You harm the ESP

Most e-mail service providers (ESPs) have set specific rules in the terms and conditions. One of them is: You should not send anyone from the Spam list. The IP address can in most cases be traced back to the ESP from the emails sent. So that means if you send spam, the image of the respective ESP also suffers.

Wrong personalization

The goal of every e-mail contact must be to build a personal and intimate relationship. This is very difficult with e-mail lists. As already explained, these lists often contain many mistakes. So, if you try to personalize a personal address or personalize the mail by targeting the target person, the plan may end badly.

So easy that everyone does it

You are not the first and certainly not the least uses such a list. Always keep in mind that a competitor uses exactly the same list for its purposes at this moment. Do it better and avoid buying e-mail lists by becoming active yourself and, above all, getting creative.

Reduction of deliverability

Mailing a message via e-mail lists can completely shut down your e-mail activities. As soon as the ESP detects an excessive amount of sent emails, the messages are simply no longer forwarded. Corporate e-mail is often the only way to communicate with your customers. You should think twice before taking that risk.

Lists can negatively affect your CRM

If you notice that most contacts in the list are outdated or even real, you automatically lose quality in your CRM system. There is a risk that you will not have a quick overview of which contacts are receiving your messages and which mails are going nowhere. Over time, you simply cannot tell which contacts you can keep running and which ones you cannot. The result? Customer relationship does not exist at all or cannot be maintained accordingly.

Killer for morality

E-mail lists can also drain the morale of your potential customers. If any reactions to your messages follow, they will often be Stop writing on me. When a person reads these answers daily, the moral is broken in a timely manner.

Buying an email list can also have an impact on marketing costs. Leading marketing firms and suppliers of CRM-programs take extra money for the ability to store large amounts of contact records. If your outgoing server is able to process up to 1000 contacts by default, and you buy an email list for 10,000 contacts, you will have to pay extra for working with such a list.

Where is the way out?

It's never too late to start building your own, effective mailing list. We wish you success in building an individual list of contacts.

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