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» 2004-02-09

- How Microsoft botched another security patch ZdNet
- Microsoft Ships Baseline Security Analyzer 1.2 InternetWeek
- Red Hat to Release Enhanced-Security Linux Slashdot
- Will the election be hacked? Salon

» 2004-01-28

- Viruses and hackers make Windows more secure - Gates TheRegister
- U.S. Government Offers Free Cyber Alerts Yahoo
- Notification emails cause virus-like chaos ZdNet
- An IT manager's secret insight into mobile security Itweb.co.za

» 2004-01-27

- AMD develops hardware fix to target major XP security risk Computerweekly
- Today's Windows Virus - MyDoom / Novarg SlashDot
- Spam-Sent MyDoom Worm Threat to PC Users Yahoo
- MyDoom virus hammering Windows systems NewsForge

» 2004-01-26

- Introduction to OpenVPN OSNews
- 2003's Most Popular Viruses, and Hacking Tools TheNetworkAdministrator
- Users still waiting for browser patch VnuNet
- Kevin Mitnick, Lyra Video Jukebox, Answers to ... TechTV

» 2004-01-24

- An Introduction To SQL Injection Attacks For Oracle Developers HNS
- Defense strategies for securing the mobile enterprise ComputerWorld
- Linux Takes on the Windows Look Wired
- Security by Obscurity? Circleid.com

» 2004-01-23

- Network Associates releases anti-spyware tool ZdNet
- Senate Security Hole Enables Partisan Spying EWeek
- KisMAC a wireless stumbler for MacOS X Binaervarianz.de
- Security pros question flaw find News.com

» 2004-01-22

- Trust at risk from new hacking techniques VnuNet
- I Hate You worm starts popping up TheInquirer
- More damaging viruses to come News.com.au
- Gaggle-B worm is making a home in Outlook Express PCPro

» 2004-01-21

- Flaw found in anti-virus software Computerweekly
- FBI raids hacker home in search of stolen Half-Life 2 code Geek
- Microsoft upgrades security tool that verifies system configuration NwFusion
- Check Point unveils network security tool News.com

» 2004-01-20

- 'Bagle' Virus Threat Upgraded InternetNews
- Making viruses is now too easy WashTimes
- Microsoft Offers New Security Analyzer TechWeb
- Book Review: Spidering Hacks UnixReview

» 2004-01-19

- Bagle "test" worm is on the loose TheInquirer
- Security flaws put VoIP systems at risk TechWorld
- Mass-mailing Windows worm on the move SMH
- Open Source Will Commoditize Databases, Security, Storage SecurityPipeLine

» 2004-01-18

- Network Associates readies appliances, analyzer InfoWorld
- Adobe Anti-Counterfeiting: Feature or Bug? EWeek
- The Year Ahead in Security NewsFactor
- New malware package targets PayPal ZdNet

» 2004-01-17

- Agency computers hit by 'Trojan horse' KRQE
- Cisco security goes prime time News.com
- Latest Trojan 'Phishes' For Personal Data SecurityPipeLine
- Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security EETimes

» 2004-01-16

- Trojan spreading that downloads Mimail worm TechTarget
- More MiMail Worms Spotted; More To Come TechWeb
- Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer Patch SecurityPipeLine
- FBI's CyberSecurity Program Examines Wireless LAN Security EETimes

» 2004-01-15

- Opteron, Athlon 64 add technology to... PCWorld
- Hacker Breaks Into UMKC Computer System TheKansasCityChannel
- Pointing at consumer firewalls and laughing BroadBandReports
- Anti-Virus Software Found Vulnerable to bzip2 Bombs TechWeb

» 2004-01-14

- Symantec slams the door on LiveUpdate flaw ZdNet
- Microsoft Patches Fail To Fix Dangerous Security Flaw Yahoo
- Navy agrees to let others use security tool GCN
- 5 years ago... Schoolgirl stuns IT security world Silicon.com

» 2004-01-13

- Radio hackers hurl drive by abuse at Burger King customers TheRegister
- Is the Tide Turning in Battle Against Hackers? EarthWeb
- "Homeless Hacker" Cuts Deal With Feds ExtremTech
- Older Windows versions win renewed support News.com

» 2004-01-12

- Virus-like computer infection spreading on the Web StarTribune
- Pranksters Hacking Fast Food Drive Through Hactivismo
- Mikerosoft schedules January security bulletin TheInquirer
- Routers, phones dialing in VoIP ZdNet

» 2003-12-17

- Microsoft's XP Update Makes Security 'Paradigm Shift' Yahoo
- Flaw in Internet Explorer Makes Spoofing Easier Winnetmag
- New Bluetooth device security crisis warning Net4nowt
- IE users beware, says virus researcher SMH

» 2003-12-14

- Doubts Linger About SCO's Cyber-Attack Claims SecurityPipeline
- Hackers Attack Debian Linux Enterprise-Linux
- CBI helps nail French hacker Hindustantimes
- Basic security is the best foundation Infoworld

» 2003-12-11

- Another Windows worm begins to spread SHM
- IE bug lets fake sites look real Cnet
- Mystery patch blots Microsoft's fix-free month Cnet
- SCO Group Web Site Hacked Again 620Ktar

» 2003-12-10

- E-mail security hoaxes more subtle HNXV
- Malicious Hackers and Spam, Part 1 Winnetmag
- Mafia recruiting spammers, crackers, AV chief warns TheRegister
- Landing One of the Hottest Jobs of 2004 EarthWeb

» 2003-11-29

- Microsoft probes new Explorer holes CNN
- Half-naked driver faces Net charge Canoe
- Apple Responds to Exploit SlashDot
- Hackers haunting Europe now GlobeTechnology

» 2003-11-27

- How Safe Are Your E-Mail Address, Password? TheKansasCityChannel
- Raleka virus writer arrested ItVibe
- Cash machines suffered worm attack TheInquirer
- Trojan poses as naked XXX pics TheRegister

» 2003-11-26

- Hacker tool allows Wi-Fi password grabs BroadBandReports
- Naked photos email hides new virus Web-User
- Nachi Worm turned Cash Machines into scanning engines NetCraft
- Scripting flaws pose severe risk for IE users TheRegister

» 2003-11-25

- Company firewalls may be replaced with... Computerweekly
- Wireless security--it's a mess ZdNet
- Porn Trojan floods inboxes worldwide VnuNet
- Busting the Worm Writers TheRegister

» 2003-11-24

- Fred Cohen - Not all virus writing is a crime Isecurelabs
- Microsoft’s security starts to show InfoWorld
- $100,000 bounty offered for stolen PC ZdNet
- How Crackers View Themselves Slashdot

» 2003-11-21

- Hacker life doesn't last forever KNXV
- "Phishing" Identity Theft Is Gaining Popularity SecurityPipeline
- Free to good home - virus software Net4Nowt
- Hackers Already Exploiting Microsoft Vulnerabilities InformationWeek

» 2003-11-20

- Hackers moving faster: Report GlobeTechnology
- Bush pushes for cybercrime treaty ZdNet
- CA offers free antivirus software ZdNet
- Cisco, others plan to ban insecure PCs ZdNet

» 2003-11-18

- How to secure a wireless Lan Computerweekly
- Surveillance made simple FCW
- Teenager hacked into Cambridge Uni, court told SMH
- MiMail.I worm warnings upgraded VnuNet

» 2003-11-17

- Bluetooth is attack vector for mobile phones TheRegister
- Microsoft aims to 'shift the tide' in war on spam TheRegister
- Further data security laws on the way VnuNet
- Gates unveils new Windows security tools at Comdex ItWeb

» 2003-11-16

- Spammers now clogging blogs, IM MSNBC
- Keeping Watch for Interstellar Computer Viruses Space
- Cracking the hacker underground BBC
- New worm variant targets identity data GCN

» 2003-11-13

- Trojan hides in fake Citibank e-mail ZdNet
- ATM fraud prevention tips from FNB ItWeb
- Another Microsoft Security Problem... Gnutellanews
- Mobile users face virus fears as bluejacking craze causes panic Sophos

» 2003-11-12

- Worm warning Bangkokpost
- Did hackers expose N-Gage games? ZdNet
- Top Security Officers Form Think Tank Eweek
- Security professionals form CSO council Infoworld

» 2003-11-11

- 20th Anniversary Of Computer Viruses Commemorated Slashdot
- Network Security Roundup for November 10, 2003 EcommerceTimes
- Cisco Enables 'Clientless' Corporate Security Newsfactor
- Cybercrime - it's the outsiders wot's to blame TheRegister

» 2003-11-10

- Good things come in small packages FCW
- IPSec Tunneling with ISA Server Winnetmag
- US-listed firms face IT security audits ZdNet
- E-mail policies that prevent viruses ZdNet

» 2003-11-09

- More Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Surface Securitypipeline
- Kansas auditors crack 1,000 passwords GCN
- White House rewriting core security policy document ComputerWorld
- Sober Worm Spreads ExtremeTech

» 2003-11-02

- Local organisations still lagging in security Star-Techcentral
- New e-mail virus steals your data Star-Techcentral
- New Virus Dresses Up as E-Mail Wired
- Hacker 's3r14l k1ll3r' from Brazil's CyberLords busted in Japan SNP

» 2003-10-22

- Hacker trial raises issues over evidence gathering Vnunet
- Hackers resorting to password theft Silicon
- Surf net anonymously with Proxy Switcher InfoAnarchy
- Ballmer on why Windows is more secure than Linux TheRegister

» 2003-10-21

- Viruses plague China News.com.au
- NIST readies new security documents GCN
- Internet group starts anti-hacker initiative ComputerWeekly
- Virus attacks NwFusion

» 2003-10-20

- U.K. Citizens Revolt Against Security Cameras Hacktivismo
- Security vendors unleash silver bullet Infoworld
- 'Kill Bill' Trojan fails to rack up body count TheRegister
- An introduction to J2EE security Newsforge

» 2003-10-19

- Young computer hackers extort businesses, defraud consumers Dailycamera
- 85% of Chinese PCs have viruses, survey claims Theinquirer
- Teen Computer Whiz Cleared In Houston Hacking InternetWeek
- Taking a unified approach to security management ItWeb

» 2003-10-18

- Rudy Giuliani, the anti-hacker CNN
- Feds admit error in hacking conviction Zdnet
- Put a Finger on Your Password Wired
- Teen hacker is not guilty TheRegister

» 2003-10-17

- Worm turns: Telstra to pay for email delay Afr
- IT's biggest worry--employee blunders ZdNet
- RSA forecast fails to impress analysts SiliconValley
- New Security Attacks Require New Security Technology ZdNet

» 2003-10-16

- Barracuda Attacks Spam, Viruses With New ... SecurityPipeline
- Network Associates outlines security product strategy NwFusion
- Flights inspected after 'challenge' to security measures KobTv
- Oracle Ships Security Software SecurityPipeline

» 2003-10-14

- Microsoft Windows RPCSS Variant Attack Vulnerability Symantec
- 'Hackers' don't appreciate 'crackers' Jsonline
- Instant messaging falls prey to hackers Vnunet
- T-Mobile works to tighten Wi-Fi security ZdNet

» 2003-10-13

- Security firm removes details of unpatched IE holes Smh
- Windows security update planned MsnBC
- One Too Many Viruses LinuxJournal
- Red-Alert rides herd on wireless devices Fcw

» 2003-10-12

- Microsoft wants to make Wi-Fi hotspots more secure Silicon
- BEA jumps on security bandwagon News.com
- T-Mobile USA will deploy 802.1x security standard TelecomPaper
- Army transformation changes direction Fcw

» 2003-10-10

- Microsoft plans free security upgrades for Windows users Adn
- Web Site Welcomes Hackers Yahoo!
- Parents sue school district for Wi-Fi use Zdnet
- Security Group Names Top 10 Vulnerabilities... SecurityPipeline

» 2003-10-09

- Teen hacked TD Waterhouse account CNN
- Microsoft Gets Serious About Security PcWorld
- Public firms may be forced to disclose ... News-Journalonline
- Suspected Trojan-horse conman arrested ZdNet

» 2003-10-08

- Recommended Internet security best practices ... TechCentral
- Game's source code stolen in hacking News.com
- How does Skype get through Firewalls and NAT Routers? TheRegister
- 11,000 IP addresses found on accused hacker's PC ZdNet

» 2003-10-07

- Confessions of a Hacker Ecommercetimes
- Industry Watch: Hackers Attack New Holes Yahoo!
- Linux vs. Windows viruses: a rebuttal Virusbtn
- For Every Hacker, Scores Who Could Do the Same Technewsworld

» 2003-10-06

- Hacker 'attacked port in revenge bid' Ananova
- Hackers steal entire Half-Life 2 code Digitmag
- Viruses and Market Dominance - Myth or Fact? Slashdot
- Security worries prompt P2P upgrade News.com

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