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Crystal Reports Multiples Vulnerabilities
Date: 2004-05-03

Security-Corporation ID : SC-1010
URL : http://www.security-corporation.com/articles-20040503-000.html
Author : Imperva Application Defense Center <adc_@_imperva.com>
Product : Crystal Reports
Source Message Contents :

Dear List,

Imperva(tm)'s Application Defense Center has discovered several
vulnerabilities in BusinessObject's Crystal Reports' Web Interface.
These vulnerabilities allow a potential hacker to retrieve and delete
any file from the file system of the server on which it runs, as well as
causing a complete denial of service to the server.

In the past week, we have attempted to contact BusinessObjects in order
to provide them the details of the vulnerability, so that a patch can be
issued by them to solve the problem. Since we were unable to find any
security-specific contact, we have attempted to notify them through all
known support email addresses, the support contact form on their site,
and several standard email addresses, such as info, support, security,

Sadly, none of these attempts has succeeded. We therefore send it in
here, hoping this list is read by anyone related to BusinessObjects or
by anyone who knows how to contact their security related staff. Any
assistance in contacting the right person would be appreciated.


Ofer Maor
Application Defense Center Manager
Imperva(tm) Inc.


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