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MPCSoftWeb Guest Book vulnerabilities
Date: 2003-04-21

Author : drG4njubas<drG4nj@mail.ru>

This Guest Book is designed to be easy to use and configure,
it uses a Microsoft Access 2000 database to store the messages.
It has a number of features: emoticons and text formatting,
a profanity or unwanted word filter, which can be modified as required,
images can be used in the Guest Book, e-mail notification of Guest
Book entries, COOKIES can be used by the Guest Book administrator.


insertguest.asp neglects filtering user input allowing
for script injection to the guestbook via "Name",
"location" and "comment" fields. The injected
script will be executed in anyones browser who visits the

An attaker may download MS Acces database to gain
administrator's password, which is not encrypted at all.

Vulnerability discovered by Black Tigerz Research Group
We are:Areus,Barracuda,n1Tr0f4n,Velzevol,n3ch,drG4njubas.
Please visit our website: http://www.blacktigerz.org

Our team needs more members, please drop a mail to
membership@blacktigerz.org for more information.


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