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Twilight Utilities TW-WebServer DoS
Date: 2003-04-16

Author : badpack3t <badpack3t@security-protocols.com>

SP Research Labs Advisory x02

Product - Twilight Utilities TW-WebServer/1,3,2,0

Download it here:

Date Released - 04/15/2003

Release Mode - 0hday, why contact the vendor?

Advisory Link:


Product Description from the vendor -

We are excited to present this completely new Modem Ready Internet Web
Server supporting these terrific features.

-Installs in seconds
-Lets you INSTANTLY share pictures and files
-Modem aware
-Automates telling friends and family when you start serving
-Automatically integrates your web camera
-Allows others to send files to you
-Automatically generates web pages
-Supports file resume
-A truely unique files-sharing tool


Vulnerability Description -

To exploit this vulnerability, simply do a GET / with 4096 A's or more
will cause the webserver to go down. Who really gives a damn right?

Tested on:

Windows XP Pro SP1
Windows 2000 SP3

Credit -

2PAC and Snoop Dogg did most of the work on this one.


peace out,



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