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Buffalo AirStation G54 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Date: 2003-04-05

Author : Pavel shpac <shpac@ru.ru>


I found bad bug/owerflow for buffalo g54 airstions:

here my simple tests:

schem of tests:
I used 2 broadband routers Airstation WBR-g54 (first named: g54-01, second - g54-02)
both broadband routers set to pear-to-pear connection mode (not point- multipoint)
[atacker PC]--[g54-01]-.-.-per-to-pear-.-.-[g54-02]--[victim PC]

when I starts simple ping-flood from atacker PC (simple ping -f <victim IP> in linux), the g54-02 connected to the victim PC by net-cable after some seconds is going down and breakes connection :-(

in firmware ver. 1.10 g54-02 is going to reboot and then comes back online after I install firware 1.11 (and 1.13 too) - g54-02 still die after ping- flood, but not reboots and comes online automaticaly :(

With best regards, Pavel


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