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CGI-City's CCLOG Script Injection Vulns
Date: 2003-03-30

Author : BrainRawt . <brainrawt@hotmail.com>

CGI-City's CCLOG USER-AGENT and REFERER Script Injection
Vulnerabilities Discovered By BrainRawt (brainrawt@hotmail.com)

About CCLOG:
CC Log is a very simple logging script which logs the hits to
a single web page. This script is typically useful for logging
the hits to the main index page. It collects information like
date and time of the hit, browser agent used by the visitor,
host IP addresses, and HTTP referrer whenever available. The
script logs everything on to an HTML log file which the user
can easily view under any browser. This script requires SSI.

CCLOG can be downloaded from the following address.


Vendor Contact:
1-30-03 Emailed cgicity@icthus.net

No Response

CCLOG's cc_log.pl lacks filtering of any data coming in from the
remote host. This data in return is redirected to an html. Due
to the lack of input filters, a malicious visitor could inject
scripting into that html by falsifying the USER-AGENT and/or the
REFERER. This attack would result in the execution of the
injected script by anyones browser that views the html.

Exploit (POC):
User-Agent: <script>alert('obvious?')</script>
Referer: <script>alert('obvious?')</script>


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