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  April 16th - Multiple Vulnerabilities in Nuked-KlaN
  February 1th - PHP-Nuke 6.9 SQL Injection Vulnerability
  January 20th - DUWARE Products Admin Access and Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
  January 03th - Invision Power Board SQL Injection Vulnerability

  December 20th - BES-CMS including file vulnerability
  December 10th - Multiple vulnerabilities in Mambo Server
  December 05th - Multiple vulnerabilities in Xoops
  November 22th - Anonymous Mail Forwarding Vulnerabilities in vbPortal
  August 18th - Multiple vulnerabilities in AttilaPHP
  July 10th - Gattaca Server 2003 Vulnerable to Multiple vulnerabilities
  April 24th - Disclosure of authentication information in Sambar Server
  April 17th - Directory Traversal in Ez Server
  April 15th - Multiple vulnerabilities in Ez publish
  April 1th - Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability in PowerFTP
  March 31th - Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability in EZ Server
  March 27th - Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in testcgi.exe
  March 27th - Multiple vulnerabilities in Sambar Server
  March 19th - Path Disclosure Vulnerability in XOOPS
  March 17th - Path Disclosure & Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in MyABraCaDaWeb
  March 6th - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability in PHP Ping
  March 2th - Cross Site Scripting & Script Injection Vulnerability in PY-Livredor
  February 23th - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in WWWBoard
  February 22th - XSS & Function Execution Vulnerabilities in Nuked-Klan
  February 19th - Proxomitron Naoko Long Path Buffer Overflow/DoS
  January 26th - Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Nuked-Klan
  January 19th - Sambar Server Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability

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